America, here we come

During this year, we have begun our collaboration with Israel Wine Direct, which was founded by Richard Schaffer in 2006. IWDs’ mission is to introduce quality Israeli wines to the American public. In 2012, Agnes Goldberger, Arie Hochberg and Mayer Jacobovitz, three Americans who were introduced to Great Israeli Wines by Richard and share his […]

From the small village to the big apple

The Jewish Week is an independent community newspaper that has been part of Jewish New York scene for some many years, and reaches some 70,000 households, in the New York areas. Last March it held wine tasting at the city winery in New York city. Here are some of the things he had to say about our […]

Barbera 2010 – Chef’s Conclusion

Alon Gonen, Chef at ‘Echol and Chateau’, visited the 2012 IsraWinExpo wine exhibition twice in order to review the most intriguing wineries and wines. Among these was the Ramot Naftaly Winery, with its 2010 Barbera. Read Full Article

Malbec Time

The Ramot Naftaly Winery is one of the first in Israel to grow and produce varietal Malbec. “The difference and uniqueness between the wineries is reflected in the development of the grapes in growing areas, which vary greatly from one another. Another interesting distinction is blends of different varietals,” says Yitzhak Cohen, Ramot Naftaly’s winemaker […]


Ronit Rad took to the scenic Hula Valley, and came to Moshav Ramot Naftaly to enjoy nature – in the winery she had the pleasure of tasting a number of fine wines.