The Family

Winemaking is a passion. Love of the soil, creation and people. We usually drink wine in celebrations, gathering with friends, during a festive meal and during holidays, surrounded by our family. Since part of the fun in drinking wine is being together, with the people we love and cherish the most. It is this kind of love that lead Yitzhak to build a winery and other than the passion for winemaking, He hoped and wished to share this love with his family.

Our Story

Yitzhak’s parents, Lydia and Joseph Cohen (in blessed memory), immigrated to Israel from the city of Benghazi in Libya in 1949. They settled in Rosh Pina where Yitzhak was born. In 1963 they joined a pioneering group which founded Moshav Ramot Naftaly and there they build their new home. The family business was agriculture, growing crops and vineyards, where Yitzhak was raised to love both land and homeland.
Since his release from the army, Yitzhak devoted his life to agriculture and administrative positions both in and out of the Moshav. Yitzhaks’ love for wine began in 1989, where his managerial expertise and experience lead him to become the CEO of Golan Heights Winery, one of the wineries’ first managers. Yitzhak fell in love with the wine business and had a dream that one day he will build a small winery of his own. In 2002, Yitzhak decided to make his dream come true and carefully learn the business. He started with taking different courses and tours in other wineries, equipment exhibitions and wine tasting across Europe leading to the cellar master course in Tel-Hai college. Yitzhak began his first wine production in small quantities during 2003. Since the winery was established, Yitzhak’s wife and daughters, have played an integral part. They have learned the art of wine making, both academically as well as professionally. In time, the winery staff has grown by only a selected few, which have become a part of the family. They carry the responsibility of caring and attending the vines and the professional production process. Our belief is this: quality wines are made of good grapes. Nurturing the soil, the vineyards and the grapes while maintaining meticulous procedures are the basis of making excellent wines, year after year.
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